About Malcom Supply Co.

In the waning days of 1944, amidst the fervor of World War II, a venture emerged in Abilene, Texas that would leave an indelible mark on the region’s industrial landscape. Malcom Manufacturing & Supply was born on December 30, 1944, through the vision and determination of J. Floyd Malcom, alongside his wife, Mrs. J. Floyd Malcom, and their daughters, Gloria Jean Malcom and Ann Marie Malcom.

While the manufacturing arm of Malcom Manufacturing & Supply has evolved over the years, the spirit of innovation and commitment to service continues to thrive through its supply business. Transitioning from manufacturing to a sole focus on supply, Malcom Supply has remained steadfast in its dedication to meeting the needs of its customers across West Texas.

As industries shift and markets fluctuate, Malcom Supply has demonstrated remarkable adaptability. Through strategic planning and a keen understanding of market dynamics, the company has successfully navigated changing economic landscapes while maintaining its position as a trusted supplier of industrial supplies.

As Malcom Supply looks towards the future, it remains focused on building upon its legacy of excellence. With a continued emphasis on innovation, service, and community involvement, the company is poised to remain a cornerstone of industry in Abilene and beyond for years to come.

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