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Elevate Your Gasket Fabrication with McCarty Equipment Co. Precision

McCarty Equipment Co. stands out in the realm of gasket fabrication, delivering bespoke solutions using our cutting-edge ATOM Flashcut Flex 3015 knife cutters. Our key services are designed to provide versatility, speed, and precision, ensuring your gaskets are crafted to perfection:

Key Services:

1. Versatile Cutting:

  • A 60×120 cutting surface accommodates a variety of gasket sizes and designs, offering unparalleled flexibility.

2. Fast & Precise Operation:

  • Cutters with speeds up to 50 m/min, the ability to punch 3 holes/sec, and the capacity to cut up to 20 mm in height, ensuring swift and precise fabrication.

3. Efficient Design:

  • Dual-projector setup, integrated vacuum table, and a 40 mm tool station contribute to efficient and precise work, enhancing overall productivity.

4. Automated Software:

  • Windows-based software enables interactive piece positioning and automated setup, streamlining the fabrication process.

5. Quality Materials:

  • Utilizing high-grade materials from reputable suppliers such as Flexitallic, Garlock, WL Gore, and SGL Carbon, ensuring the quality and reliability of the final product.

Why Choose McCarty Equipment Co. for Gasket Fabrication?

Cutting-Edge Technology

McCarty Equipment Co. employs advanced ATOM Flashcut Flex 3015 knife cutters for superior precision and efficiency.

Tailored Solutions

Gasket fabrication at McCarty Equipment Co. is customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your applications.

Efficiency and Speed

Our cutting-edge technology enables fast and precise fabrication, meeting even the most demanding timelines.

Quality Materials Guarantee

We source materials from trusted suppliers, ensuring the reliability and durability of the fabricated gaskets.

Transform Your Gasket Fabrication Experience with McCarty Equipment Co.

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