Vendor Managed Inventory

McCarty Equipment Co. VMI Service Program: Streamlining Your Inventory Management

McCarty Equipment Co. offers a comprehensive Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Service Program designed to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and optimize your inventory management process. Here’s an overview of the key features and benefits of our VMI service:

Benefits of McCarty Equipment Co. VMI Service:

1. Reduced Downtime:

  • Minimize downtime by ensuring timely replenishment of stock through proactive inventory management.

2. Fewer Stock-Outs and Shortages:

  • Mitigate the risk of stock-outs and shortages, ensuring continuity in your operations.

3. Reduced Inventory Management Time and Cost:

  • Streamline receiving processes and reduce errors associated with inventory management, saving both time and costs.

4. Dedicated VMI Technicians:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable VMI technicians dedicated to managing your inventory efficiently.

Delivery Process & Schedule:

1. VMI Sales Order Creation:

  • Tech or Account Manager scans VMI area weekly or as requested by the customer.
  • Quote/Order is uploaded from the scan into the ERP system.
  • Pick ticket is created, and material is pulled and inspected.
  • Tech/Account Manager delivers and stocks the previously scanned material.

2. Organized VMI Area:

  • The VMI Tech/Account Manager ensures the VMI area is properly organized and maintains a professional appearance by:
  • Grouping items based on product family and arranging them in ascending order by size.
  • Providing ample workspace between different sizes to prevent cramming and misplacement.
  • Keeping the shelves, bins, and floor free of trash.

Quarterly Review Meetings:

1. McCarty Equipment Co. Production and Inventory Control Manager:

  • Generates monthly usage reports from Web Query for each VMI.

2. Customer Quarterly Reviews:

  • Conducted with Operations and Maintenance (OAM) teams and Regional Sales Managers.
  • Review min/max levels, add/remove inventory based on usage, and discuss stockouts and long lead items.

Choose McCarty Equipment Co. for Efficient and Proactive Inventory Management:

Proactive Management

McCarty Equipment Co.’s VMI service program proactively manages your inventory, ensuring seamless operations.

Customized Solutions

Quarterly reviews allow for adjustments based on usage and evolving needs.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated VMI technicians provide personalized support, enhancing the reliability of your inventory management.

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