Hose & Asset Management Program

McCarty Equipment Co. Accountability Partner Program: Elevating Compliance and Value in Industrial Hose/Gasket Management

Key Features of McCarty Equipment Co. Accountability Partner Program:

1. Accountability Partner:

  • Ensuring compliance with Policy & Procedure, Reliability Engineering, and McCarty Equipment Co. Management.

2. Core Service:

  • McCarty Equipment Co. is a recognized value-added fabricating distributor specializing in industrial hoses and gaskets.
  • Testing, certification, and tracking are central to our business.

3. Value:

  • National Accounts pricing for products & services.
  • McCarty Equipment Co. Mobile Hose Testing Rig for in-plant testing with fully trained and certified hose testing technicians, not contract laborers.

4. System:

  • McCarty Equipment Co. Tracker, a failsafe system, ensures compliance with hose inspection, testing, and certification.

Advantages of the Program:

1. Online Asset Management:

  • Manage customers’ hoses and gaskets online through McCarty Equipment Co. Tracker.
  • Web-accessible with end-user access via the internet.

2. Industry Tracking Needs:

  • Meet industry tracking requirements efficiently.

3. Maintenance, Testing & Construction Data:

  • Track maintenance, testing, and construction data seamlessly.

4. RFID Technology:

  • Utilize RFID for advanced asset tracking.

5. Interface Compatibility:

  • Ability to interface with customers’ software for integrated solutions.

6. Centralized Data Management:

  • Easily accessible centralized data management for hose assets.

7. Certification on Demand:

  • Access certification records on demand, ensuring compliance.

8. History of Hose Asset:

  • Track the history of hose assets throughout their service life.

9. Automatic Email Notifications:

  • Receive automatic email notifications for hose inspection.

10. Centralized Gasket Data Management:

  • Manage gasket drawings by location, SAP, unit number, etc.
  • Drawings available on demand.

McCarty Equipment Co. Mobile Hose Testing Service:

  • Fully trained and certified hose testing technicians.
  • Self-contained trailer for on-site tests of industrial, chemical, and hydroblast hoses up to 40,000 psi.
  • Eliminates logistics issues, equipment, and manpower scheduling challenges.
  • Portable Job-Box” available for smaller remote sites.

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