Hose Bundling

Revolutionize Your Operations with McCarty Equipment Co. Hose Bundling Solutions

McCarty brings to you an extensive range of hose bundling and protection solutions. Whether you require bundled hydraulic lines to streamline and safeguard your equipment’s hose and cable lines, or more intricate assemblies and hydraulic flying leads (HFLs) utilized in offshore drilling and production operations, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a diverse product line for bundling or safeguarding your hose and cable assemblies. This includes but is not limited to, ballistic nylon sleeves and jackets, light or heavy-duty plastic spiral wraps, thermal protective sleeves, spring guards, and PVC Layflat. These solutions ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

For specific requirements, we can facilitate orders for extruded multi-line thermoplastic bundles, fresh from the factory. With a keen understanding of diverse industry needs, we can customize solutions such as Food and Beverage Bundles for hospitality and food processing industries, and much more.

Our bundling services are not just about managing multiple hoses; they’re about optimizing efficiency. By bundling hoses that flex or route in the same direction, we help maintain order while ensuring their protection. For situations requiring frequent disconnection and reconnection of lines, or where there’s a risk of line confusion, we provide multi-coupler plates. This strategic tool significantly reduces time consumption and potential for human error, promoting operational smoothness. Trust McCarty for comprehensive, custom-fit hose bundling and protection solutions.

McCarty specializes in customized hose bundling and protection for diverse industries. Our product suite includes:

  • Standard Hose Bundles: From simple hydraulic line bundles to complex bundles.
  • Protective Gear: Offering ballistic nylon sleeves, plastic spiral wraps, thermal sleeves, spring guards, and PVC Layflat for optimal hose and cable protection.
  • Factory-Ordered Extruded Bundles: We source multi-line thermoplastic bundles for specific needs, including Food and Beverage Bundles.
  • Efficient Hose Management: Bundling services for hoses that flex or route the same way, supplemented with multi-coupler plates for scenarios requiring frequent line disconnection/reconnection.

At McCarty, we simplify hose management while ensuring protection and operational efficiency.

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